Visit wineries, vineyards and cellar doors with professionals

What can you do there?

Reside in the winery's private guest room.

Fulfil your dreams of staying in a château and you might even have the chance to dine in the cellar door or the winery private room!

Access to winery's private cellar museum vintages

Get exclusive visits to the winery's private cellar and take the rare chance to peek into their collection of museum vintages. These vintages are not for sale to the public, so it's an opportunity not to be missed!

Learn to blend your very own wine

Be the Chief Winemaker for a day as you concoct your very own vintage! Learn all about the grapes, and what makes the best wine as you blend it in the winery, just like a true blue winemaker.

Experience the harvesting work with the vineyard team

If you are lucky enough to head to the wineries during the harvesting period, you may find yourself in the vineyard plucking grapes! Some wineries offer guests the unique experience of harvesting the grapes with their vineyard team. What a way to end your trip!
I’ve travelled twice with Crystal Wines and I’ve to say that they are well-organized and highly knowledgeable. A fun group of people to travel with and best of all, I get to experience a winery trip I’ve never experienced before. I’ve visited a private cellar door to see museum vintages and taste different vintages of wines.
Celine Tan, Owner of Skyve Wine Bistro