“Power and elegance working quite so effortlessly at the same time.” This defines a very stylistically unique Bollinger that makes it one of the finest Champagne in the world.

“Power” because Bollinger uses a majority of ripe Pinot Noir in their blend, giving exceptional density and fruit richness to the wine. “Power” because Bollinger wines contain up to 50% reserve wines aged up to 15 years, lending subtle layers of stewed fruit and dried fruit flavors. “Power” because its extra creamy effervescence offers a beautiful mouthfeel as a result of extensive contact with yeast. Such power is harmoniously accompanied by an elegant Champagne, made with utmost care and fine technique.

Try the flagship release “Special Cuvee” for reasons above. Or the "Rosé" for a more feminine style. The stunning prestige cuvee “Grande Annee” exhibits refinement from the perfect 2007 vintage. The Bollinger R.D. (recently disgorged) reinforces aromatic complexity and vivacity, an outcome of prolonged maturation on lees.

Of course, the ultimate indulgence comes from the ultra-rare and ultra-delicious “Vieilles Vignes Francaises”, made from the first and best part of 100% Pinot Noir grape presses.

Celebrate Power in Elegance today!
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