Domaine Leflaive
About Domaine Leflaive
Domaine Leflaive is well-known as the top luxury Burgundy producer with its Grand Cru and Premier Cru Chardonnay wines. Such quality comes with a price that commensurate.

Good news now! Domaine Leflaive has extended their estate to produce friendly Chardonnays at modest price, while applying the same expertise and technological know-how. This means good quality wines at decent price. 

Biodynamic Wines
All wines maintain the same biodynamic philosophy that Domaine Leflaive is known for. Strictly excluding the use of chemical products, it seeks to promote the life of the soil organically. The result is a wine that better expresses the qualities and glories of its vineyard.

Super Value Chardonnays
We have three super value, fabulous expression of Chardonnays on offer. Fans of the famed Cote de Beaune region can go for the Bourgogne Blanc or the more specific Auxey-Duresses appellation. Choose the Macon Verze if you enjoy riper Chardonnays from warmer climate.
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