Quinta do Noval
One of the oldest Port Houses, Quinta do Noval is also arguably the greatest.

Top-class Vineyards
Its prime distinctive feature is its strategic position in Douro Valley of Portugal, with vineyards entirely classified "A" - the highest ranking - an assurance of quality grapes for the production of red wine and port. 

Small and Formidable
Although Quinta do Noval is among the top Port houses in the Douro, it is also interestingly one of the smallest, covering 145 hectares. Mass production is not in their agenda. Limited production means they direct all their energy into making every wine perfect. For instance, the age-old foot treading is widely practiced, a laborious method that is almost impossible to be achieved by houses with mass production. The result is an arguably superior juice quality with no crushing of pips.

With a reputation for innovation, Noval pioneered the concept of Old Tawnies with an indication of age, as well as being the first to introduce a late-bottled vintage.

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