Mars King of Qingshan Pair

King of Qingshan 2018 Iconic Limited Edition Set
Brace yourself for the most anticipated, thrilling new release by Mars Shinshu, the third most prominent whisky producer in Japan. The King of Qingshan 2018 whisky set is an exclusive label that comes in pairs, each with individual gift box, and with extremely limited quantities.

A Commemorative & Meaningful Bottle
The whisky blend is marvellous. But there is more to it than taste. The whisky set is a special collaboration with the iconic Qingshan Temple in Taiwan. Legend has it that, once, a plague broke out and affliction was rife in Taipei. Curiously, Qingshan Temple remained intact and unaffected, soon catapulting its standing as a health sanctuary for citizens. The King of Qingshan Festival was thus born as an annual commemorative celebration.

Magnificent Design
The label is thoughtfully designed. The whisky set comes in pairs of red and green colours, depicting two generals who acted as bodyguards for the King of Qingshan, purging the area from evil spirits as the King makes his way through the temple.

Limited Edition means Limited Quantities
Bottled at 40% abv, only about 500 sets are released by the distillery. Reserve your set today!

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