Clos Saint-Jean CDP Deus Ex Machina 2016
Wine lovers of Chateauneuf du Pape will fall head over heels in love.

Who wouldn't, for the 2016 Clos Saint-Jean Deus Ex Machina? It's a double-win situation where a top-notch estate wins favour from an outstanding vintage.

"The two Maurel brothers [owners], along with the ever-present Philippe Cambie [winemaker], have brought this large estate up to the pinnacle of the Châteauneuf du Pape hierarchy, and they've produced so many monumental bottles over the past decade or so, it's not even funny." - Wine Advocate

Even more so in 2016. Counted as among the best vintages, the wine has plenty to offer for lovers of flamboyant fruit, lushness and velvety textures. Best of all? 2016 tannins are round and harmonious, coupled with fresh acidity, courtesy of unusual cool nights throughout the growing season.

You will really want to make plenty of room in your cellar for this A-List Wine With A Great Vintage.

*ETA: June 2019
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