Ch Magdelaine
Here's a wine to sip, when you are feeling nostalgic. 

Chateau Magdelaine was St-Emilion's Premier Grand Cru ClasséSince 2012, it dropped its name to join forces with neighbour Chateau Bélair-Monange, another Premier Grand Cru Classé. 

Both estates, together with other big names of Chateau Petrus, Chateau La Fleur-Petrus, Chateau Trotanoy, and many more, are owned by the talented Moueix family.

Chateau Magdelaine has always been adored for being different. While other great St-Emilion wines take on richness and opulence, Magdelaine's elegant, minerally, and subtle wine occupies the other end of the spectrum. A different kind of charm, albeit equally great.

Reason being? Chateau Magdelaine is the archetypal Merlot-dominant expression of what limestone soils can give. Indeed, very different from Merlot on clay soils (read: Chateau Petrus) or Merlot on gravel soils (read: La Fleur-Petrus). Chateau Magdelaine stands for finesse, where its fellow peers express power. 

But more meaningfully, here's a wine to sip when you are in the mood to reminisce, recollect, and celebrate past joys and milestones. 
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