A Champion of Sangiovese

Or rather, emphatically, a true champion, as cited by critic James Suckling. It is easy to see why. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Likewise, at Chianti Classico, let its quintessential Sangiovese grape do what it does best. Why mix with other grapes, when you can showcase genuine purity in all its glory? Particularly when in possession of very fine ones, as in Fontodi, whose strategic location/terroir with an enormous amphitheatre shape gives it an edge.  

The Sangiovese fruit purity in Fontodi makes a lasting impression. No prizes for guessing Fontodi is one of Tuscany's most celebrated winemakers. They are even 100% certified organic now, for without chemicals, the true charm of Sangiovese can be articulately expressed. 

And if you are thinking of climbing up a rung for even more specific single vineyard expressions, Flaccianello and Vigna del Sorbo will just be your thing. 100% Sangiovese, no more, no less.  

Fontodi is called the Champion of Sangiovese not for nothing.

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