Michel Gros 2014

"Repeated accolades, including being the International Wine Challenge's Red Winemaker of the Year twice running, show that this is a producer who delivers fine wine."

Master of Wine, Jasper Morris praised Michel Gros in his award-winning book called "Inside Burgundy". The book covers 1000 vineyards in which the winemakers are assessed. Thus, to be lauded here is far from a trifling matter. It is a recognition of superb quality. After all, the Gros family dynasty goes back to 1830. 

Domaine Michel Gros boasts an extensive wine portfolio. But they all have one thing in common: ripe red fruits, supple and soft. If you can't quite agree with the herbaceous aspects in a wine, Michel Gros's wines could just be your thing. 

What to try?

We say go for the Monopole, the Vosne Romanee Clos des Reas 1er Cru for its exclusivity. Yes you guessed it correctly, they are the monopoly of this Premier Cru area. And the wine is extraordinarily elegant. 

For lovers of strictly Grand Cru wines, its Clos Vougeot sits on a western wall called the Grand Maupertuis, with vines that are nearly 30 years old now. The wine is dense, smooth and complex.

Even the village-level wines deserve special attention. Its Chambolle-Musigny is so good, critics say it resembles a premier cru more than a village. "This is very fine, much above my expectations for a Village Cru." -Wine Advocate

The list goes on. You just got to try. 
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