La Rioja Alta

"A World-Class Winery of International Acclaim" - Decanter Magazine

It all began when the much-revered Bordeaux vineyards were wiped out by the dreadful phylloxera insect. Fine wines continued to be in demand, and attention soon shifted to Rioja of Spain for its excellent climate and soils. La Rioja Alta S.A. bodega was thus born in 1890.

The Gran Reservas
The Gran Reserva 890 wine, ranked No. 4 in "Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines of 2018"  commemorates its momentous birth year. Logically, this is their top wine, where only the best batches are put in barrels to age for 6 years. It is rare, and made only in exceptional years. 

The Gran Reserva 904 wine celebrates the significant 1904 year when La Rioja Alta S.A. successfully got ahold of some of the finest vineyards in the region. The wine comes from 60-year-old vines and is barrel-aged for 4 years.  

The all-new label Gran Reserva Arana is created to complement the above two prestigious Gran Reservas. It comes from 40-year-old vines and is barrel-aged for 3 years. 

The Reservas
Go for the approachable fruit-forward Reservas. The Ardanza Reserva has a fresh character, thanks in part to a portion of the Garnacha grape. The wine is barrel-aged for 3 years. The highly aromatic Vina Alberdi is 100% Tempranillo with 2 years barrel-aging.

Today, La Rioja Alta S.A. celebrates more than 125 vintages. It has stood the test of time. It is timeless. 

ETA: Mid October
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