Paul Jaboulet

You Are Legend..

..when you are 'one of the three or four greatest red wines ever tasted', as exalted by wine critic Robert Parker. You cannot escape legendary status when you are extolled as the hallmark, benchmark, trademark Syrah of the Northern Rhone.

You are none other than Paul Jaboulet Hermitage La Chapelle. Critics argue that it is one of the finest wines in the world and ought to be tried in one's lifetime. It is an ethereal wine where power and elegance melds with such perfection, it gives literal sense to oxymorons. 

A legend is not all about one wine, thankfully. Paul Jaboulet owns a slew of prime vineyards with different soil and micro-climates, producing a multitude of Syrah expressions.

Four other Syrah beauties to acquaint oneself with:
1) La Maison Bleue is also located at Hermitage, but on the eastern, non-granitic side. It is thus softer in style.
2) Thalabert, situated at Crozes-Hermitage, holds the distinction as the oldest appellation in the region with vines of 60-80 years old. It is plummy, juicier, and more approachable.
3) Domaine De St Pierre of Cornas is located at a cool terroir and sports classic Cornas notes of black fruits, scorched earth, charred meat, with distinct minerality.
4) Domaine Pierrelles of Cote Rotie is all about elegance and finesse, with remarkable silkiness.

Which Syrah expression is your kind of Syrah? 
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