If you were a wine, what would you be?

Running out of ideas on what wine to drink this CNY? Let's be creative this season. Get a wine that complements your zodiac personality and that of your friends and family. Fun and thoughtful as gifts too. 

Hello Rats. What can we say about you? For sure, Jerry outwits poor Tom. Rats are smart, quick and versatile enough to adapt to different situations. They are also full of energy, spirit and enthusiasm. Sounds like a Sauvignon Blanc - so versatile, it can be drunk by itself or with food, and on many occasions. Don't be surprised, many of them could stand up to spicy food! It is full of vim and vigour, bursting with expressive notes of passion fruit, guava, gooseberry and more! 

All 12 zodiac+wine personalities are described for each wine below. Come, discover your wine doppelgänger. 
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