White Wines Bordeaux

If it is not broken, don't change it.
Or should you?

Mention "Bordeaux", and red wines with all its glory spring to mind. Especially so, for the top-class Chateaux and Grand Cru Classés. So why do they even bother introducing white wines to their portfolio?

Quite simply, while Bordeaux is known for its red, its success has been premised on its extraordinary terroir. Bordeaux is, really, not "King of Red". It is "King of Terroir".

There are select parcels in Bordeaux that works remarkably well for white grapes. Bordeaux winemakers, they being the guardians of terroir, would cringe to use these soils for red grapes. Thus comes another of Bordeaux's genius idea - matchmaking Sauvignon Blanc with Semillon. Sauvignon Blanc alone gives refreshing acidity and aromatic fruitiness. Semillon then embraces Sauvignon lovingly and firmly with its structure, mouthfeel and warm honeyed notes. And they live happily ever after.

Bordeaux reds are here to stay. But Bordeaux whites are a very worthwhile pursuit too. You don't have to change what's not broken. Just expand and keep an open mind. That's where you discover gems. 
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