Gaja is a big name.

In fact, Gaja has been given many names:

"Italian Legend"

"The King of Barbaresco" 

"Italy's Most Powerful Figure"

"Star of the World Wine Scene"

Gaja is both the name of a wine estate, and the family who are still managing it, now by the fifth generation. It is widely credited with transforming the reputation of Italy as a wine region - its quality easily competes with top names of Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Gaja has a special affinity with the Barbaresco location because that is where it all started. Giovanni Gaja's foresight had him purchased a series of superior vineyard sites in Barbaresco. His son, Angelo Gaja, continued to impact the Italian wine industry by discovering many other regions and introducing many winemaking techniques that made Gaja's wine a phenomenal stand-out. It remains a benchmark winery today. 

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