CH Palmer

Hear the Wine. Taste the Music.

Imagine tasting a sensuous, elegant, velvety red wine. Fantastic. Savour it in a romantic setting, candlelight dinner, dim lights, just you and your partner. Cannot get any better. And in the background, soft jazz music soothingly caresses your soul with every sip. Heaven.

In every way, wine tastes better when accentuated by something complementary. Synergy as we call it.

Hear Palmer. Taste Jazz.

"Chateau Palmer's wines don't explode on the palate. There's no ostentation, it's about moderation". A sensuous wine of extraordinary elegance, with beguiling silky smooth velvety textures when matured. Can't get your head around the tasting notes? It is okay. Think Jazz. And then think Chateau Palmer. The magic of music in "feeling" one's wine cannot be undermined. More here: 

Some Facts.

We've done with the emotional and psychological part of things. Now we need facts; the rational brain of why Chateau Palmer is unique and unequaled when compared with most of other Bordeaux wines.

Chateau Palmer of Margaux is classified as a Third Growth. But really, speak to any leading wine connoisseurs, and they will likely tell you this is a "Super Second" - a term widely used to indicate a wine with quality tantamount to the superlative First Growths. It's a spillover effect when we consider that Chateau Palmer happens to be located right next to the glorious First Growth Chateau Margaux! Effectively, this is a gem for its price. Here, Merlot is planted in gravel soils, whereas most chateaux plant Merlot in clay soils. The result? Sensuous elegance!

Second wine Alter Ego is a reinterpretation of the Chateau Palmer's terroir. Supple and rounded, distinguished by its freshness of fruit and crisp intensity, this is a wine to indulge without further delay.

Palmer Historical XIX Century (19th century) takes its name from the traditional practice of adding Syrah into Bordeaux wines during the 19th century. So here is your wine if you feel a little nostalgic, or if you just want to be adventurous: Bordeaux blend + Syrah from Rhone. Surprise yourself with this exotic one.

And don't forget - hear your wine. Jazz to go with Palmer. It's mood-enhancing. It's taste-enhancing.

All Ex-Chateau. Now on Special Offer.

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