Lamole di Lamole


The potential of Lamole di Lamole was first discovered by the Romans, who established vineyards and olive groves on this high hills they recognized as the ideal: one of the highest points in Chianti Classico, as well as exposure to long hours of sunlight, that imbue the wines with the desired elegance and intense aromas that, even today, never failed to impress wine lovers.

One striking spirit of Lamole di Lamole is their tireless program of Sangiovese clonal selection! They are very, very strict: only Sangiovese clones which produces "loosely packed bunches with smaller berries and with a skin-flesh ratio weighted towards skin" are used. Yes, very technical, but, well, all we need to know is, the wine's end result is a gorgeous richness and persistence.

It is not surprising to learn that they practice sustainable and organic farming. No chemicals, only organic compost. "We are convinced that everything that derives from a healthy environment, managed in an intelligent, measured manner and with respect for the life cycles of its various components, leads to a unique value." We are convinced too.

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Please also don't miss the opportunity to interact LIVE with Chief Winemaker of Lamole di Lamole via ZOOM:
DATE & TIME: Friday, 22 May 2020 at 4pm - 530pm
 873 975 8926

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