Laurent Perrier


Laurent-Perrier's heritage dates back to 1812. Today, it is one of the top houses in Champagne. The group also owns De Castellane, Salon, Delamotte and Chateau Malakoff brands.

Die-hard enthusiasts of Laurent-Perrier Champagne know precisely why they love the champagne. In fact, ask anyone familiar with the House, they will be very pinpoint about THAT signature style. One that epitomizes freshness and elegance, and one that the House takes enormous pride in. To achieve the elegance, a significant proportion of Chardonnay is used in the Laurent Perrier Brut. While for its emblematic Rose, Pinot Noir is strictly lightly pressed.

The second reason why fans adore the Laurent-Perrier brand? It is proof that luxury and quality can go hand-in-hand with price accessibility. Luxury is within reach.

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