Bass Phillip

Arguably Australia's Finest Pinot Noir

We know what you are thinking. Pinot Noir in Australia? Please hear us out. Bass Phillip is a special one you won't want to miss. And thus, today's write-up will be slightly lengthy and every bit worthy. You can thank us later.

Australia, as a generalization, has a climate condition that appeals to full-bodied dark varieties like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. In the same vein, it doesn't quite see eye to eye with Pinot Noir - the dry and sunny summers tend to give rise to jammy characteristics, losing the sensual delicate textures that we worship in Pinot Noirs.

But wait; we shan't be too quick to stereotype. Meet Bass Phillip Winery. It does not come from Barossa Valley, or McLaren Vale, or Margaret River, or Adelaide Hills, or even Yarra Valley. And that's key to its success. Ex-founder Phillip Jones scoured tirelessly for the best Pinot Noir land in Australia and finally found a cosy home at Victoria's Leongatha at Gippsland with a cool and humid climate where Pinot Noir feels natural connection and affinity to. The end result is a manifestation of the finest Pinot Noir delicate aromatics one cannot find elsewhere in Australia. Guaranteed.

That cannot be all, of course. Strictly no irrigation is used, thus no risk of diluting the Pinot Noir gentle flavours. Bass Phillip ruthlessly guards its crops; always at incredibly low yields because the lesser the fruit in the vineyard, the richer and more complex the flavours. They are also organic and biodynamic, allowing natural factors to work their magic on the land with no pesticides and no fertilizers. In the winery, they believe in a gentle hand - no pumps are used. "The difference between good and great Pinot Noir is texture." Pumps will bruise the grapes and affect the otherwise smooth and velvety texture.

The list goes on and on. But we all get the gist. One word to sum Bass Phillip up? Perfectionist.

Oh, did we not mention that Bass Phillip was just bought over by Burgundy's illustrious and distinguished Jean-Marie Fourrier? The man certainly knows a gem when he sees one. More great times ahead for Australia Pinot Noir!

We are now offering three Pinot Noirs at the top of the Bass Phillip hierarchy - Estate, Premium and Reserve. They hail from a very specific 3.5 hectare block with vines that produce the best-ever grapes, year after year. The best-of-the-best of course goes into the Reserve, which is listed in the prestigious "Langton's Classification of Australian Wine".

On special offer. While stocks last.

ETA: September
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