LVMH Vins d'Exception

We humans are sentimental beings. Looking back at life in retrospection often creates “aha!” moments. Puzzling pieces of life events fall naturally into place, and we achieve some sort of revelation. Perhaps, that is the reason why we create time capsules – to capture sentimental life moments that we treasure, or to help us in figuring out our “ikigai” years down the road.

A winemaker also creates time capsules – cases of meticulously curated (or unintentionally discovered) rare vintages whose purpose is to be sublimated over time. A miniscule fraction of the vintage’s production is withdrawn from commercial release, then left to mature in the most ideal conditions.

Despite the high emotional attachment to these amazing treasures, winemakers believe that extraordinary wines do not deserve to be kept in the dark. They are meant to be shared by the discerning, to fulfill their destiny of being enjoyed and revered.

Limited Edition by LVMH Vins d’Exception is now awaiting its destiny. Interpreted by Maison Krug and Château d’Yquem, there are only 80 numbered cases worldwide released in the form of a “double trilogy”, from the fabulous consecutive vintages of 1988, 1989 & 1990. Find out more about this collector’s case:

We have just one case – are you ready to guide the chosen one to fulfill its destiny?


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