Olivier Riviere

"Everything suggests that Rivière will become a major figure in Spanish winemaking in the not-too-distant future. We should keep an eye on him."
- The finest wines of Rioja & Northwest Spain Publication, 2011

Olivier is making waves in recent years after clinching spectacular 92-95 points for his accessibly-priced wines.

The man Olivier Rivere is French. The wine Olivier Rivere is Spanish. That explains the groundbreaking wines. Olivier is protective of the terroir, the sense of place. What can we say? This man had a stint with Burgundy's prestigious Domaine Leroy and is trained in biodynamic farming. There we have it, French know-how on Spain's remarkable soil.

Oh, there is no note of Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva on his wines. He does not wish to abide by the ageing model. Again, the focus is on the soil and the vineyard. Because Olivier Rivere is a unique brand that challenges the norm.

Who says you cannot get good quality at affordable prices? Challenge them with a bottle of Olivier Rivere. It will be good fun. 

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